Twokinds Vol. 1-2-3 + Artbook + Poster Bundle

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NOTE: This product ships DECEMBER 2016. To guarantee your order is part of the initial shipment, please place it by DECEMBER 15, 2016.

This superfan bundle contains FOUR books (TWOKINDS Volumes 1-3 and deluxe hardcover artbook THE ART AND EVOLUTION OF TWOKINDS) plus a bonus limited-edition POSTER that will only be available through these bundles!

Choose from the BASIC BUNDLE (savings of $4.97) which contains small softcover "Manga Edition" 6x8 versions of Volumes 1-3 (plus hardcover artbook & poster), or upgrade to the ALL HARDCOVERS BUNDLE (save a whopping $49.97!) which contains Oversized Hardcover "Premium Edition" 8x10.5 versions of Volumes 1-3 (plus hardcover artbook & poster).