Twokinds Vol. 1

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After waking up without any memory of his past, the lone mage Trace finds himself in the company of Flora, a girl from a bestial species known as the Keidran. Along with a reluctant Basitin warrior named Keith, they journey in search of a place to call their own. But with war between the races brewing, love conflicts with loyalty. Includes a bonus five-page epilogue!
116 pages, FULL COLOR.

This book is available for order in the following formats...

Manga Edition (Small Softcover): A 6x8" paperback version of the book. 15 more copies of the original Keenspot printing available while supplies last! Reprint coming soon.

Premium Edition (Oversized Hardcover): An oversized 8x10.5" deluxe hardcover version of the book.

Digital Edition: A digital download of the book in PDF file format.