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NOW SHIPPING! Max Weaver's Grubbs is a chaotic cross between Calvin & Hobbes and Dennis The Menace, an old school throwback with a modern spin illustrated by veteran newspaper cartoonist Ted Dawson (Spooner). 

Meet eight-year old Billy Watson, a pint-sized chaos agent who received the unwanted nickname “Grubbs” from his big brother Zane. Grubbs’ favorite pastime is tormenting Zane, his older sister Courtney, the neighborhood twin girls, and anyone else that crosses his path. Grubbs’ best pal, confidante, and advisor is his imaginary friend Tyler. Join in for some good clean fun as Grubbs’ concocts his schemes to get even, get ahead, and just get by. Based on a true story!

136 pages, FULL COLOR

"Grubbs is the new Calvin & Hobbes!"
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