ZOR #1 Comic Book

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(W) Rob Potchak (A) Michael Adams 
From the creators of Junior High Horrors and Kung Fu Legume comes a heartfelt story that reminds you sometimes the grandest of stories happen in the tiniest of places. Mourning her mother's death, young Zoe Robertson is given a gift by her dad to always keep her mom close. However, as children do, she loses it down a sink drain. As she cries, her tears come to life-and ZOR is born. As ZOR travels to find the ring, he makes new friends, and must stop the evil Lady Hourglass. NOTE: All proceeds from Cover C will be donated to children's cancer research.

"Rob has truly come into his prime with this book. It's a magical adventure that has a tremendous amount of heart. Two thumbs up!" - Cliff Bleszinski (video game legend)

24 pages, FULL COLOR