SOFTBALL Preview Book (FREE!)

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PLEASE NOTE: This is only a short DIGITAL PREVIEW of the comic book. The actual all-new collector's item #1 issue of the SOFTBALL comic book releases in print this June! Click here to learn how to order it from your local comic book store!  Hurry, you've only got until April 18th to pre-order!

FREE PREVIEW DIGITAL DOWNLOAD! Simply click ADD TO CART and then CHECKOUT to get your free download.  NO CREDIT CARD OR PAYMENT REQUIRED, just provide your contact info and the PDF download link will be sent to your E-Mail address.  Look for the E-Mail with the subject line "Your downloads are ready" as that will contain the download link.  The PDF file should be opened with Adobe Acrobat on a computer or the iBooks app on an iPhone or iPad.

Keenspot is publishing a comic book series based on Bobby Crosby's YouTube SOFTBALL series starting in June 2017, and this e-book features a sneak peek at character designs for some of your favorite softballers!  

We produced this free giveaway booklet for San Diego Comic-Con 2016, but we didn't want ONLY Comic-Con attendees to have all the fun, so we've expanded it into an 86-page PDF file that everyone in the world can enjoy for free!  Are you a fan of Bobby Crosby's YouTube channel and you've ever wondered "What kind of comic books does Bobby write?"  This book will answer your question, as it features excerpts from his graphic novels MARRY ME (a romantic comedy), DREAMLESS (a historical paranormal romance), and LAST BLOOD (zombie vs. vampire action).

ADULT CONTENT WARNING: The bonus material in this e-book was written for an older audience and contains some adult language and violence.  If you're a parent, please review before allowing your child to read, and if you're a kid, please get your parents' permission to read!  Thank you.