SOFTBALL #1 Comic Book

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In this action-packed first issue written by Bobby Crosby and illustrated by Bill Blankenship, star outfielder Fireball gets the rocket-powered jet shoes he's always dreamed of to help him rob home runs, but his dream turns into a nightmare when he loses control and zooms off the map! Can the softball crew save him from a fiery death?  24 full color pages!

Choose from the following three formats...

PRINTED COMIC BOOK 8-COVER BUNDLE ($19.99): For all the collectors out there who want to own EVERY VARIANT COVER, this 8-cover bundle delivers all EIGHT covers right to your door and it saves you $8 off the retail price of these variants! Includes Cover A (painted cover by AVENGERS artist Admira Wijaya), Cover B (Fireball In Flight by series artist Bill Blankenship), Cover C (Bradley Cooper Superstar by Remy "Eisu" Mokhtar), Cover D (Ciara At The Bat by John Joseco), Cover E (Blank "Draw Your Own Cover" Cover), Cover F (The Softball Crew drawn by Bobby Crosby's big brother Chris Crosby!), Cover G (Crazy Andy by Owen Gieni), and Cover H (San Diego Comic-Con 2017 by Blankenship).  Please note that the pages inside these comic books are all the same, only the covers are different!  Supplies of this bundle are very limited, as many of these covers only had 500 copies printed of them.

PRINTED COPY OF SOFTBALL #1 ($3.99): The printed comic book (main Cover A edition) with a fabulous painted cover by AVENGERS artist Admira Wijaya, delivered right to your door!

DIGITAL DOWNLOAD OF SOFTBALL #1 (FREE!): If you just want to read the story and don't need a printed comic book, get this free digital download!  It is in the form of a PDF file that you can download to your computer or other device.  After ordering, look for the E-Mail with the subject line "Your downloads are ready" as that will contain the download link.  The PDF file should be opened with Adobe Acrobat on a computer or the iBooks app on an iPhone or iPad.