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PRE-ORDER: This issue will be released in May 2023 with new title BIDEN'S TITANS VS. AOC #1! All existing online pre-orders of this issue will be fulfilled with that title plus free bonus comics.
(W) John Barron, Robert C Tracy (A) Shawn Remulac (CA) Mel Joy San Juan
Superheroine congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her kid sidekick Greta Thunberg (aka The Zoomer) find themselves in shock after the events of the previous issue. Supervillains Mitch McConnell (The Tortoise) and Ted Cruz (Honey Badger) may have won the day, no thanks to witchy woman Nancy Pelosi, and they're about to have Greta deported! But all hope is not lost, as AOC finds new strength from Sage Bernie Sanders. Will everybody's favorite spider-themed hero (no debate about that!) defeat the GOP, or is this the end of The Superior AOC?

24 pages, FULL COLOR